Friday, March 29, 2013

Change folder color Windows

Are you sick of searching though a sea of same yellow folders to find the folder you need?, Windows doesn’t give you a single option to change it, but today we will show you how to have beautiful folders, and how tochange the color of your folders.

Changing the color of the folder can help you spot and differentiate folders easily, rather than just depending on the folder name. This can be a beautiful way to be different.

  1. Download and install Folder Colorizer.
  2. To start customizing your folders icon color,all you have to do is: right click on the folder
  3. Then select “Colorize!”, and pick any color from the list.
  4. Now the color will change automatically from the standard yellow to a nice color.
You can have more customized colors by selecting “Colorize!” then click on “Colors…”. in the step 3.

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