Sunday, November 3, 2013

Graphi.Me : Generate Infographic Of Your Facebook

Today, we will show you how to create an Infographic of your Facebook page with A tool that will allow you to generate nice graphics and aesthetics of your presence on the social network Facebook!
By connecting your Facebook account, you will be able to collect a lot of information about your profile and view them as a graphics design! gives you for example the average age of your friends, their origin, the status of their relationship, or the percentage of boys and girls.

A tool that can also be used for pros helps to know the main characteristics of its network of friends quickly. A  funny tool but can also be useful for professionals! It is not po
 information related to its community to best meet their expectations!ssible to use it for pages, but people using their Facebook profile for business purposes can easily analyze
The creation of computer graphics only takes a few seconds. If you’re a fan of Facebook, well should please you!

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