Friday, November 15, 2013

How to get a free Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

Whether Visa, MasterCard, Discovery or any other, a Virtual Credit Card works exactly the same as how a Plastic Card. The only difference is that you can only use it online (and it is “virtual” as opposed to a “plastic” card). Such cards can be used to shop online at different stores, make payments online. There are many services that provide you a virtual credit card so that you can use it without having to attach your bank account or going through any complex process.
The site I’m going to introduce to you today will help you to get your own free VCC. You just needed to create an account to receive a free virtual credit card of your own.

How to get a free virtual Credit card:

It’s easy to get a free VCC, just visit Bancore website  and click on the registration link.
  1. The website will ask you for your phone number. Make sure that you provide your real one since you’ll receive a call on your phone.
  2. Press on Call me. You’ll receive a call on your phone.  While on the phone, you’ll need to enter a personal 4 digit pin. That same PIN will be asked every time you try to login on the website.
  3. Now log in to the site. (The password is the PIN number that you had entered on your phone  ”step 2″).
  4. Fill up the form and click on Save.
  5. Now you got your FREE Virtual Credit Card.

Verify your Paypal account for FREE:

The credit card is not pre-loaded with money. If you need to make online purchases, you can load money into the card by using the traditional credit/debit cards or through a voucher available on the website.
Bancore virtual card can be used to verify your PayPal account however it is not possible to transfer money from PayPal account to your virtual card. Please note that when adding the card to PayPal for the first time, PayPal has a process where they charge the card a small value for verification purposes. PayPal verification code will appear in your virtual card statement within 3-5 working days or you can contact Bancore support team to receive the code.
Source “Verify Paypal”: Bancore support.

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Thank you it helps a lot, got my bancore account.

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