Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hyperlapse: Creating Your Own Moving Timelapse on street view

Hyperlapse photography is an increasingly popular technique in which standard time-lapse imagery is brought to life with camera movement. Google has recently launched a new service that will allow you to travel at great speed on the roads of the world.
If you’ve ever wanted to visit the famous Road 66 in the United States, this site should definitely please you. Its operation is simple. You choose a place where you want to go, then you place two points A and  B on the map. Hyperlapse then generates a time-lapse video of the road. The sequence obtained is uses images captured by Google Street View, which are assembled as a time-lapse.

Select the angle of view

On the map you can also play with a third point that will define the angle of view for the video. So depending on where it is set, the camera will rotate for you to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Visit Hyperlapse

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