Tuesday, November 19, 2013

SoundGecko: Convert any article into mp3

Tired of having your eyes glued to a screen to view the latest articles from your favorite websites and blogs? SoundGecko frees your eyes and hands, by converting the content of articles into an audible MP3. in other words SoundGecko is an audio service that lets you listen to written content from around the web.

You’re on your workstation, an article interests you, but you have neither the time nor the desire to read it. To make an MP3 of this article, simply enter the URL of the article, indicate an email address, then click “Listen to article now” A few minutes later, the sound file is sent to the specified email address.

SoundGecko for different platforms:

SoundGecko is also available for different platforms:  Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones.
You can download the application for FREE from the original website, for IphoneAndroidWindows phone, or as an add-on for Google Chrome. But you can also get SoundGecko PRO for 2.95$.

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