Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Camera Size: Compare the size of digital cameras

Thinking of buying a digital camera for your next vacation? Here is a online service that will help you easily view the different sizes of cameras. While many tools exist to compare technical characteristics, Camera Size lets you know the size of each camera.
camera size comparison openhow

Camera Size is a user-friendly web application that displays the exact dimensions of digital cameras to better compare. Operation is easy, just choose the two cameras that you want to compare from the drop-down list, and you’ll get the photo and the size of each camera.
sidebar camera size openhow

The menu on the left sidebar allows you to choose the orientation of the camera (on supported models). You can rotate the camera left, right, top, front or back.

At the right side you can see an image of a regular AA Battery, which gives you an option to visualize the size of the camera. If that’s not enough, you can initialize a helper image of an average human male hand by clicking on the “Show hand”. You can drag this image around and position it under each camera and better visualize the size of the camera.

camera size comparison tool.

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