Friday, March 29, 2013

How to get a virtual computer online

We have seen in an older post how to get a virtual desktop for FREE (look here), today I will show you how to get a virtual COMPUTER online  pre-loaded with over 40 apps that you can access and use from any iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch or Android smartphones or simply from your real computer.
With this virtual COMPUTER you’ll have web browsers (Chrome, Firefox), media player, and a full office suite (Open, edit, cut/paste & save Word, Excel, & Powerpoint) and many other options.
Having this virtual computer can be very useful, to those who have a poor connection, I personally use it for hisgood bandwidth, you can download or upload your files in no time. The only problem is that you should pay to get the full service, otherwise you’ll be able to use it for about 10 minutes, and you’ll have to reconnect to re-use it.

How to get a virtual computer online

Virtual Computer
To get this virtual computer you will have to:
  1. Visit and signup on this site.
  2. Click on Connect to my AlwaysOnPC to download the application.
  3. Confirm your signup by clicking on the link in you mail.
  4. After that you’ve installed the application, run it. and enter your email and password that you used in registration.
  5. Now you’re done, you can use your new virtual computer at will.
 Virtual PC
NB: When you register you will have a trial period of 5 days, after that your account will be permanently deleted, so you have to create an other account (with the same email if you want).

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