Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lock your USB flash drive with a Password

We have seen in a previous post How to Lock your files with a Password, for this type of protection files are encrypted in your computer. Now, the data contained in your USB drive  can also be protected by adding a password to your USB.

Principal features of USB Flash Security:

Now with USB Flash Security you can lock your USB flash drive with a password. This FREE software will help you to protect your files with its principal features:
Blocking access: USB Flash Security is a protection tool for your data. Indeed, it allows you to lock access to your removable storage devices. So if you are used to store important data in your USB drive, this utility is for you.
Password: This software allows you to use a password to enhance the security of USB drive.
Release: to access the contents of the USB drive, just enter your password. To do this, every time you connect the device to a computer, authentication will be required, this is where you need to enter your password.
Security: with USB Flash Security, you can be sure that the data will be safe. In fact, in case you have lost your USB key, the data that has been stored can not be accessed if the user does not enter the correct password.

How to Lock your USB flash drive with a Password:

To secure your USB drive with USB Flash Security :
  1. Download and install USB Flash Security.
  2. Connect your USB drive to your computer and run the flash security program using the shortcut icon.
  3. Select the desired USB drive and click on “Install”.

Warning! During the software installation, all files contained in your USB drive will be deleted. So, it is strongly advised to make sure that it is an empty drive before continuing.
  1. Enter your Password and confirm. Then click “OK”.

When the installation is complete, only two files will be visible under the protected USB drive,autorun.inf and usbenter.exe. This indicates that your USB drive is now protected. Next time you insert the same USB drive, you should notice a password entry dialog. If you do not see it, just open the USB drive in Explorer and double-click on usbenter.exe. Enter your Password and your USB will be unlocked.

  Download USB Flash Security.

Download USB Flash Security (Up to 4Go USB).

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