Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nukemap: detonate a nuclear bomb anywhere

Have you ever wondered what impact could have a nuclear bomb on your city? Nukemap proposes to answer this question. Designed by Alex Wellerstein, a researcher at the American Institute of Physics, the website will show you the impact of a nuclear bomb anywhere on Earth.
After choosing the place where the bomb explode, you must choose the type of material used: you will find a list of nuclear bombs as “Little boy” sent to Hiroshima in 1945, “Tsar Bomba” the largest USSR bomb designed, and many others. Then click on “detonate” to discover the damage created by the explosion. Note that you can drag the target marker after you have detonated the nuke. Nukemap is so precise that it even allows you to set the size of the fireball, nuclear radiation and mortality around.

The purpose of this tool is to raise public awareness of the consequences of a nuclear war. Many people think that if a nuclear weapon explodes, the whole planet will disappear. In fact, the buildings would collapse, there would be fires, injuries and nuclear pollution will spread for years. It is much more vicious than you think.

simulate nuclear weapons effects with Nukemap.

Note! You can add another dimension to your nuclear modeling with NUKEMAP3D, 3D nuclear weapons effects simulator (You will need Google Earth browser plug-in) .

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