Friday, December 13, 2013

Learn How To Type Faster on a Keyboard

Learn How To Type Faster on a Keyboard
Most of us use two fingers of each hand to type on a keyboard, in this tutorial you will learn how to type faster on a keyboard. You will memories every key on the keyboard, you will type faster while looking at the screen by using the correct fingers, and gain speed.
Typing faster can enable you to keep up with your brain; that little voice in your head that has great ideas might only last for a few seconds before it’s forgotten.

Use All your fingers while typing:

Most people have the bad habit of typing with two fingers only, while they can use 10. If you take a closer look at your keyboard, you’ll notice raised bumps on each of the F key and J key. This is to help you find the correct finger placement without having to look at the keyboard.
Place your fingertips on your keyboard, as in the picture. This is the basic position for touch typing. You can find this position without even looking at the keyboard (feel the bumps). You can be fast without this position but you will not exceed 30 words/min, while with your 10 fingers, you can reach the speed of 180 words/min and more.
Learn How To Type Faster on a Keyboard

Learn to type faster without looking at the keyboard:

After you get the right position, familiarize yourself with the keyboard, many websites can help you for this step, websites as Keybr.comTouch Typing Study, or many others… I personally used As a beginner, this website will help you to memories every letter on the keyboard. When you get to lesson 16, you will be typing words and sentences that have meaning. Typing sentences that have meaning is very important for you to be successful !
By practicing 30-60 minutes a day, after one week, you should be able to type 40 words per minute without looking to the keyboard. And this is only the beginning.

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