Saturday, May 30, 2015

WAYme: find and meet up easily with your friends.

WAYme: find and meet up easily with your friends.
WAYme is a fast and innovative new app to easily share your position, find a friend position, set up a meeting point or send your location in just one click. WAYme also indicate the quickest and easiest way to get there with a highly accurate and instantaneous geolocation.

WAYme Features:

1. Locate your friend:

With one click you can ask for a friend position, and you can receive an instantaneous response from him with an itinerary to join him.

2. Set up a meeting point:

If you want to set up a meeting point with a friend in your favorite place, nothing easier, search the place on the WAYme map and send it directly to your friend.

3.Customize your map:

WAYme allows you to search and save points of interest (restaurants, shops, ...), and create your own map, enabling you 

4.Other features:

Privacy: No possibility to locate you without your agreement.
Free access: No registration required or friends list to manage.
Simple: The intuitive interface makes it easy
Snapshot: Share your position and favorite places in real time.
Accessible: Available everywhere for free.
GPS nav: Switch directly to your GPS navigation mode for real-time guidance.

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