Friday, March 29, 2013

How to shutdown your computer after a certain time

Today I will show you a nice trick that can be very useful, After reading this, you will learn how to shutdown your computer automatically after a certain period of time without any program, this can be very useful for people who like download, now you can let your downloads and schedule computer to shut down after a certain time, this can be even helpful for parents who don’t want to let there kids for a long time behind a computer.

Schedule computer to shutdown after a certain time:

To schedule your computer to shut down, all you have to do is:
  1. Click on  “Start”.
  2. Select “Run”.
  3. Then type the following command:    shutdown -s -t 3600
  4. Press “Enter”.

Please note:
  • Be careful about the spaces between the characters (just copy/past).
  • 3600 is in second, That means 1 hour.
After entering this command your computer will automatically shutdown after 1 hour, you can increase that time by doing a simply multiplying 3600 by the number of hours that you want.

  • Shutdown after 3 hours = 3600 x 3= 10800.
  • Shutdown after 5 minutes= 5 x 60= 300.
  • To automatically shutdown after 3 hours you enter:     shutdown -s -t 10800
  • To automatically shutdown after 5 minutes you enter:     shutdown -s -t 300

NB:  After that you have scheduled your computer to shutdown you will see a countdown window.

Cancel scheduled shutdown

 If at anytime, for any reason, you want to cancel the scheduled shutdown it’s very simple:
  1. Click on  “Start”.
  2. Select “Run”.
  3. Then type the following command:    shutdown -a
  4. Press “Enter”.

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