Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Google Nose BÊTA the olfactory research functionality

On this early month (April 2013) Google offers you to discover the new functionality "Google Nose", a new feature in beta olfactory research. April fools of course!

With Google everything is possible, especially when it comes to trick users to April 1st.
It has been discovered for example that YouTube announced yesterday that it closed by showing the top 10 best videos posted during the eight years of existence of the platform. This time it is the Google search engine which makes us his own with a new feature called "Nose" which is presented as an olfactory research in beta! With a small video well mounted, a dedicated web page, and some almost believable explanations, Google almost succeeds in making us believe that it will soon be possible to smell inside Egyptian tombs or the delicate fragrance of a cabin car. With vehicles Street Sense, the search engine could identify millions of different odors around the world. That's what we call an April Fool's joke on Google!

Check out Google Nose, for instance. “Smelling is believing”.

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