Monday, November 4, 2013

Intel The Museum Of Me: A virtual museum of your digital activity on Facebook

After explaining how to create an Infographic of your Facebook page, we will introduce you to a new tool that will help you to get a virtual museum of your digital life. Indeed, Intel offers to generate an animation of two minutes, retracing your route from your registration on Facebook.
To start, simply connect your Facebook account to the site and the visit will begin. This is a real small animation integrating data on the social network: friends, photos, your location, your likes and shares. The short film ends beautifully with a view of all your links.

Your data staged in a virtual museum

therefore, You will  be able to roam between showrooms to contemplate your footsteps, sometimes old, left on Facebook. It looks like a little museum staged with sets of lights, tables, screens and even characters.
Intel The Museum of Me, propose to make some history of your digital life on Facebook. A fun way to remember old memories on the social network!

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