Monday, November 11, 2013

Can You Run It: Find out if your Computer can run the latest games

If you want to buy a recent game but you do not know whether your computer can run it or not, this can be very useful to you. There is an online application that offers to test a hundred of different games for your computer very easily.
Can You Run It? is an online service offering to test many games to ensure that the game can run on your computer.
To achieve this, the application tests the hardware and software of your computer at the same time: CPU, memory, operating system, video card, DirectX, sound card, hard drive and CD / DVD player.

To test your computer: simply select a game from the list and click on “Can You Run It?” to start the test. It is necessary to install an add-on to start the test. After a few moments, it will tell you the minimum recommendations for the desired game and whether your computer will be able to run it or not.

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