Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to Find your Lost or Stolen Camera with Camera Trace

Find your Lost or Stolen Camera
A picture contains much more information than you might think. In its properties, EXIF tab includes a wealth of information: the settings of the camera during shooting, capture date, ISO, … And especially the serial number of the device. This last information allows Camera Trace locate the lost or stolen camera. If a photo taken with your device surfaced in the database, you will be notified by mail. Camera Trace also proposes to make the necessary arrangements with the police if necessary.

Today, Camera Trace recorded more than 11 million devices and over 300 different models of cameras and scans photos on popular photo sharing sites (like Flickr and 500px) and extracts the serial numbers from them if available.
Camera Trace is a useful tool to find your lost/stolen camera, however, the service is not free, you have to pay 10$ to register the serial number of your device in the database of Camera Trace.

Find your missing camera with Camera Trace.

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