Monday, November 25, 2013

Lionel Messi life-size avatar by EA Sports for FIFA 14

As part of the campaign to promote the new game “FIFA 14″ on Xbox One, EA Sports has put online the first life-size avatar of the football player Lionel Messi. This avatar has been created from hundreds of high-resolution photos of the real Lionel Messi, that have been projected using Blender and 3D projection mapping.

The avatar LEO was designed with the Maya software, but its implementation in a browser has necessitated the creation of a 3D flow specially designed for the occasion and can handle models and 3D animations with different scales and details to integrate them into Adobe Flash.

Lionel Messi life-size avatar:

 FIFA 14, Official Gameplay trailer:

Start the experience: Lionel Messi life-size avatar.

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