Saturday, November 23, 2013

We know what you’re doing: a website to Raise Awareness for Social Networking Privacy

Many people are very open on social networks and spread a little too much their personal life. “We know what you’re doing” is here to sensitize these unwary people.
And about this, the website pulls no punches, as it publishes the simplest public information that users post on social networks. Examples? In the category of “who wants to get fired?” The application brings together all public status of users who hate their superiors (example:” I hate my boss so much !”).

The website doesn't stop here as it also reveals the Facebook status of unconscious users into categories such as “Who’s hungover?”“Who’s taking drugs?” , “Who’s got a new phone number?”. The conclusion is clear. The website is intended to sensitize the users and make them aware of the personal data they publicly reveal on the internet.

To avoid the risk that these users are identified, the website “anonymise” their personal data (including their family name) but leaves their publication as it is.
“We know what you’re doing” hopes, to encourage users to make maximum use of the privacy settings they have on social networks. Ant they end it with:

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