Tuesday, December 3, 2013

100,000 Stars: Explore the Milky Way with Chrome Experiments

100,000 Stars: Explore the Milky Way with Chrome Experiments
For Google… Earth is no longer sufficient, so the Chrome Experiments team rolled out 100,000 stars a Chrome Experiment that helps you visualize the exact location of 100,000 stars. On this experiment you will have the opportunity to travel across the Milky Way and our solar system !

Now that almost all of our planet has been explored by Google teams, the conquest of space can begin. 100,000 stars is the new project from the Chrome Experiments that will allow you to visit our vast Milky Way. By zooming to the center of the galaxy, you will see a spatial map with names of all its stars. If you click on one of them, a short description from Wikipedia will be displayed. A very interesting description, you will learn more about the origins of the star and its history.
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