Monday, December 9, 2013

How to Test your vision online

Are you working daily on your computer and you want to test your eyesight?
ThinkQuest is an online tool to test your vision at home for free. This allows you to test your eyesight through a succession of letters becoming small. A bit like a doctor!
test vision Eyesight test online

To take this test the application will ask you to choose the size of your monitor (you must have either a 15″, 17″, or 19″ monitor), and your screen resolution, to measure out the correct length that you should sit back at (the length will vary depending on your screen size and resolution).
Now read the row of letters on the screen and press “next” to display more rows in decreasing sizes. When you can no longer read more than half the words on a line, press “stop” and you will get the result.
Of course this self eye test is no substitute for visiting your doctor but if you follow the steps well, you may get some idea about how good (or bad) your vision is.

Test your eyesight online with ThinkQuest.

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