Saturday, May 30, 2015

Google Photos: Now officially available for Android, iOS and web.

Google Photos: Now officially available for Android, iOS and web.
Google Photos is now officially launched ! Removed from Google+, the application is now available on Android and iOS.
Google Photos is the photo application by Google for use on Android or iOS smartphones as well as for desktops. The new service, which has "graduated" from Google+, now offers unlimited storage of photos up to 16 megapixels and video shot in 1080p. all  storage details, are available on Google help center.

Is Google Photos the same as Google Images ?

No, it's completely different. While Google Images allows you to search for images already published on the web, Google Photos stores your own photos for free with unlimited storage.
Originally, Google Photos was available via Google+. Today, it is no longer necessary to have an account on the social network Google+ to use the application.

Google Photos  a powerful tool to organize your photos:

Photos organizes your images using powerful face detection and machine learning, and lets you search for photos by keyword even if the photos aren't tagged in any way. Google Photos also allows editing photos and videos by applying filters, and easily share them on social networks.

Google Photos is available on Android and iOS devices, and on its dedicated website.

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