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How to fix: iOS Bug Crashing iPhones by Receiving a Text Message

How to fix: iOS Bug Crashing Rebooting iPhones by Receiving a Text Message
Recently a new iOS bug has emerged  that causes  the app to continuously crash when a certain message is received. If you have an iPhone, it is likely that one of your friends (geek as well) had fun sending an SMS including this lines:

لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ

If the text  is received, this will causes your phone to reboot without any notice or explanation. This is obviously a very big problem for iPhone users, especially those with mischievous friends and enemies.

Why this text message bug causes iphone crash and reboot:

This bug which requires a specific string of symbols and Arabic characters to be sent, was first noticed on reddit, and has been spreading around the Internet since then. It seems like the smartphone is struggling to handle Unicode characters.

How to fix the iOS text message bug causing iPhone crash/reboot

Apple is aware of the bug and working on a fix (hopefully very quickly).  If you receive one of these messages, there are a few possible fixes that have worked for people who have encountered the bug:

  1. If the Messages app was opened to the conversation with the person who sent the offending message, the Messages app can be reopened to this conversation. Sending a reply message fixes the problem.
  1. If Messages was opened to the conversation list view, the app will crash when you attempt to open it. You can fix this by having someone send you a message or by sending a message to yourself. You can use Siri to send yourself a message.

An other solution can be tested:
  • Put your iPhone date two month forward.
  • Go to settings > Messages >(under Message History, select keep messages 30 day)
NB: this will fix the problem but will delete all your messages inbox.

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