Friday, April 12, 2013

Top Disposable Email

Disposable emails could be very useful for most of us, especially to avoid receiving spam or advertising mails. Here you’ll find a list of sites that allow you to create a temporary e-mail address,disposable to overcome this nuisance.
Many temporary emails exist to fight against spam. The principle is simple, it provides you with adisposable email address valid for a certain time (1h, 2h or more) so you can use it on a site that requires a valid email address when registering. This will avoid polluting your main mailbox.

List of Disposable, Temporary Emails:

AnonymBox Temporary redirect or disposable email address service.
Easy Trash     Forward to your real email for 15 minutes to 1 month.
GuerillaMail  Disposable email.    Emails sent to this address are forwarded to your actual email address, email valide from one hour to one month.
Mail Temporaire   The French version of Easy Trash.
Mailinator     Provides email addresses publicly available and accessible without password.
MeltMail         Forward to your real email for 3 to 24 hours.
MyTrashMail Temporary Email with or without password, regularly updated with new domaines.
Trashmail      Forward your email for a long time.
Yopmail          Same services as Mailinator.
NB: This list will be regularly updated.

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